Day: November 2, 2021

Types of Slimline Water TanksTypes of Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline water tanks can be placed against a concrete wall or in a very small room. You will often find them as part of an integrated system that includes a steam distillation unit, a cold water storage unit, a countertop unit, and a submersible heater. Slimline tanks usually range in size from one,500 litres to five,000 litres and are available in various standard, low, super slim, and high size models.

How to Choose Types of Slimline Water Tanks

The standard and low slimline water tanks tend to be very attractive in design, as they tend to be made from extremely low profile materials such as stainless steel or other similar materials, which make them very discreet and space saving. They have long slender bodies with single chrome or stainless steel rectangular tanks that tend to sit flush against a concrete wall or other flat surface. Some have single slim pipes that run through the middle of the tank, but these tend not to be as popular with home owners due to the short length of these pipes. Others have longer pipes running around the outside of the tank, with the end of this pipe running into an outlet tap.

Super slimline water tanks tend to be the most popular style. These tend to sit flush against a concrete wall or other flat surface, and will often have elongated bodies, sometimes reaching up to 12 inches in length. They often include a separate storage compartment, which is either made from compressed plastic or metal. These storage compartments will often have water dispensers built into them, allowing the user to fill small containers directly from the tank. Some newer models of these storage tanks will also include a cold water storage unit incorporated into the tank itself, with the cold water being stored safely within its own compartment. These models are usually the most compact, and will most likely not feature any storage compartments at all.