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Milklab is a full service ice cream and frozen food store in Toronto’s Kensington Market that offers both ice creams and sorbet to complement the variety of other frozen treats on offer from other vendors in the market. Pared-down, modern countertop serve sold by the owner himself are sold fresh at the market; serving tea and coffee to guests who stop by for a late afternoon snack on the market itself. On some days, there is also a sit down buffet service on selected days of the week. The cafe part of the business is located on Yonge and Sheppard.

Freshly Ground, Delivered, And Made Simply Perfect!


There is a long line of customers waiting to get into the cafe part of the Milklab while it serves tea and coffee to the people who come in to have a bite to eat and some sweet snacks. If you want to have your own cafe where you can serve your own tea and coffee, the owner invites the aspiring coffee professionals to apply for a franchise. There are a lot of advantages in franchising to a company as opposed to starting up a business from scratch that could take years to become successful. With a franchise, the owner can be assured that the right marketing strategies are employed to boost sales and increase profits to ensure a higher return on investment.

Unlike other frozen dessert shops like Bennei which serves frozen yoghurt, creamy puddings, sorbets and cappuccino, this one serves all the classic dairy products such as milk, cream, butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sweetened condensed milk and whole milk that come from local farms in Australia. The owner of milklab takes great pride in selling milk, yoghurt and other dairy products from local farmers to the people living in Toronto and the other municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area. The most important advantage of opening a dairy store in Toronto is that the operation is not limited to a particular geographic area, since customers from surrounding areas can easily access this store to have a range of dairy products delivered to their homes.

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