Does Your Business Offer Insurance for Heavy Machinery Repairs?

heavy machinery repairs

With the advent of heavy machinery repairs, many people often wonder if the repairs are covered under their insurance policies. It is important to note that although most companies do carry some form of policy for workmen’s compensation (WRC), not all do. The fact is that different companies have different guidelines for how to handle these types of issues. One company may not carry an insurance policy for heavy machinery repairs while another may.

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To better understand whether or not your particular company carries an insurance policy for heavy equipment, you will want to look into its various policies and guidelines. If your business does not use very heavy equipment then it is likely that you will not be offered a policy. In most cases, companies that offer this type of protection do so at very high rates of premiums. Because companies pay so much for these types of repairs, they are only willing to take them on when a client is in extremely bad need of the repair. For example, it may be that there is a huge tree stump sitting on your property that will cost a tremendous amount in labor to remove. However, if you had to do this job by yourself without any help, you would probably struggle to afford it.

For businesses that use heavy machinery repairs on a regular basis, such as those that are involved in landscaping, the risk of accidents involving these machines is much greater. Landscapers are required to have permits before they can get to work, and they are careful to make sure that they are following all local bylaws and regulations. They also follow all safety procedures when performing heavy machinery repairs on their property. If a client were to get injured while repairing a machine on your property, it may be hard for you to recover from without having insurance.

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