Wetsuit Seam Repair

wetsuit seam repair

Wetsuits are made up of a layer of laminated fabric that is stretched around a plastic protective membrane. There are usually two seams on each side of the suit that attach to the base shell. If the protective membrane is damaged or if the seam breaks, a repaired wetsuit will not be water resistant or breathe properly. Many Olympic athletes rely on wetsuit seam repair to get back into action in less than a week after an accident.

How to Wetsuit Seam Repair

A wet suit tear is a perfectly acceptable, everyday occurrence. The good news is that if you get a minor tear it can typically be taken care of by your local repair shop, though if you get a large tear it may require more maintenance to get back into the water. Regardless, of the situation, a local repair shop will typically be able to repair a minor tear for a price that will be less than replacing the wetsuit. If you have purchased a used wetsuit from a professional sports store or a manufacturer, it is likely that they will be able to fix any minor tear that they see.

If your wetsuit has a large tear, such as a hole or tear, your best bet for wetsuit seam repair is to find a replacement. If you do not have a spare wetsuit you may want to try shopping for a used pair online. Just be sure to keep an eye out for signs of bad manufacturing practices or faulty materials. You can spot these problems easily by looking for a thick seam and crooked stitching.

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